At Chas Medforth & Co., we provide a range of Valuations and Reports

Our range of valuations include Pre-Purchase Valuation Reports, Building Insurance Valuations, Matrimonial/Partnership Dispute Valuations and Capital Gains/Inheritance Tax/Retrospective Valuations.

The term 'valuation' is an opinion of the property's Market Value at the inspection date. This may be required for a variety of reasons hence at Chas Medforth & Co. we provide different types based on client needs.

A Pre-Purchase Valuation Report is a low cost valuation in letter form based on a brief inspection and gives an opinion on the current market value of the property. This is useful in helping a prospective purchaser decide between a number of potential purchases.

Chas Medforth & Co. provide high quality Valuations and Reports for a variety of purposes.

A Building Insurance Valuation is given in letterform. This provides a figure, which will be the minimum recommended cost of re-instatement of the whole property. The valuation is prepared in accordance with the Guide to House Rebuilding Costs published by Building Costs Information Services.

Matrimonial/Partnership Dispute Valuations are private or court valuations in connection with divorce or partnership dispute matters. This can include court hearings.

Capital Gains/Inheritance Tax/Retrospective Valuations are usually for tax planning/ gifting or general taxation purposes. They can also be used for negotiating with the Inland Revenue.



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