Land Agency

We acknowledge the distress that can arise from compulsory purchase schemes and recognise the importance of sound professional advice at an early stage in the compulsory purchase.

We offer a personal and professional service, which aims to minimise the impact on property owners and ensure that they receive the correct amount of compensation

Arising from:

  • Highway Improvement or road widening schemes
  • New Gas or Water Pipeline Schemes
  • Accommodation Works, Early Entry Negotiations and General Supervision
  • Compensation Assessment and Negotiation including Land Taken, Disturbance, Inconvenience & Land Damage
  • Compulsory Purchase - Orders, Notices
  • Land Taken, Disturbance, Injurious Affection and Severance
  • Relocation Compensation
  • Profit/Losses
  • Reinstatement Issues
In all such compensation claims, our aim is to take the burden from our client and get the best deal possible. Importantly, our fees are paid by the Acquiring Authority. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain



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